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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The U.S. Is at War for Sodomy

This will be an ongoing series at S&CI. The title refers to the current propaganda war the U.S. is waging for sodomy but also is a warning that the United States of America eventually might use physical force—to include the U.S. armed forces—to spread the same-sex agenda throughout the world.

This analytical series will serve as a Warning Intelligence series that sounds an alarm on a disturbing shift in American worldview, values, and morality. This series may evolve into a Current Intelligence series depending on future events.

The point of the series isn’t to persuade anyone on any position on the same-sex agenda; the point of the series is to note the signs that the U.S. is officially warring for sodomy politically, and note the signs that indicate it eventually might use force to implement the same-sex agenda throughout the world.

The series will start by noting stories in three categories, with the reader free to analyze and assess them on his own: Samantha Power and Her Role as Ambassador to the U.N., Demonizing Opposition to Sodomy While U.S. Engages in Actual Tyranny, and Declaring Opposition to Sodomy as a “Crime against Humanity.”

The push to change national and global perceptions of what the purpose of the U.S. armed forces is, along with views on sodomy and the concept of human rights, are key to understanding where society is heading.

Samantha Power and Her Role as Ambassador to the U.N.:
  • “Endless War’s Pin-Up Girl” (American Spectator, June 13, 2013) – “Once an aberration, humanitarian military intervention is now the norm. . . .

    For Ms. Power and her ilk, campaigns and press releases are for wimps. Real human rights demand military intervention. That means a larger presence for the U.S. military abroad. In this respect, Ms. Powers’ heroes are the great imperialists and disparagers of national sovereignty of yore — men like William Ewart Gladstone (“Do not let me be told that one nation has no authority over another. Every nation, and if need be every human being, has authority on behalf of humanity and of justice”) and Teddy Roosevelt (Nations sometimes commit crimes “on so vast a scale and of such peculiar horror” that we have a duty to step in. Depending on the “degree of the atrocity and upon our power to remedy it” it may require the “force of arms…to put a stop to intolerable conditions”). . . .

    MS. POWER MADE her name with her 2003 Pulitzer Prize–winning book, A Problem From Hell: America and the Age of Genocide. In its pages she chastised America for its reluctance to use the G word. So distant are fears of American imperialism that even a Harvard liberal can excoriate America for its failure to ride to the rescue during the Rwandan genocide, the Srebrenica massacre, and numberless other humanitarian crises. In order to work out this contradiction in her mind she wrote A Problem From Hell. Her conclusion? Since America has an excess of tanks, planes, and disposable young men it is our moral obligation to be the world’s cavalry. And since the Finns, Argentinians, Canadians, et al. do not have as many tank and helicopters and their young men are not nearly as disposable, they can stay home with a clear conscience.”
  • “Gen. Boykin: U.N. Ambassador-Nominee Samantha Power a Threat to America’s Sovereignty” (CNSNews.com, July 03, 2013)
  • “UN Nominee Disavows Past Comments on ‘Crimes’ Committed by U.S.” (CNSNews.com, July 17, 2013) – “During a hearing Wednesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Power said that although the U.S. has a “national security interest and a moral responsibility to respond to cases of mass atrocity...that does not mean the United States should intervene militarily every time there’s an injustice in the world.”

    Instead, she advocated the use of other “tools in the toolbox,” including “diplomatic, economic, arms embargos, radio jamming,” and other alternatives to military intervention. Intervention considerations are guided by the Obama administration’s policy to “Verify, then trust. Deeds, not words,” she added.

    But when Rubio asked President Obama’s former foreign policy advisor about interviews and articles she had written that urge U.S. intervention in the Arab-Israeli conflict, she disavowed her own previous comments.”
Demonizing Opposition to Sodomy While U.S. Engages in Actual Tyranny: Declaring Opposition to Sodomy as a “Crime against Humanity”:
  • “Scalia: ‘High-Handed’ Kennedy Has Declared Us ‘Enemies of the Human Race’” (National Journal, June 26, 2013)
  • “Court Allows Groundbreaking Case Against Anti-Gay Religious Leader to Proceed – Historic Ruling Confirms LGBTI Rights as Internationally Recognized” (Center for Constitutional Rights, August 14, 2013) – “August 14, 2013, Springfield, MA – Today, in a first-of-its kind case brought by a Ugandan LGBTI advocacy organization against a prominent U.S. anti-gay extremist, a federal judge ruled that persecution on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity is a crime against humanity and that the fundamental human rights of LGBTI people are protected under international law. The ruling means that the case brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) on behalf of Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG), a Uganda-based coalition of LGBTI rights and advocacy groups, can move forward over defendant Scott Lively’s request to dismiss the lawsuit.”
  • “The Orthodox Church’s role in Russia’s anti-gay laws” (National Catholic Reporter, August 14, 2013) – “COMMENTS: ChrisMorley

    • 14 hours ago

    Excellent news: the Center for Constitutional Rights has just won a federal court ruling that makes sure Scott Lively, the prominent U.S. anti-gay extremist behind both Uganda’s ‘kill the gays’ Bill [ANALYST’S COMMENT: This is untrue] and Russia’s no LGBTI ‘propaganda’ Law, will face a court where he is being sued for crimes against humanity under the Alien Tort Statute. . . .

    Michael Ponsor, the US District Judge in Springfield, Maryland, said: ‘Widespread, systematic persecution of LGBTI people constitutes a crime against humanity that unquestionably violates international norms. The history and current existence of discrimination against LGBTI people is precisely what qualifies them as a distinct targeted group eligible for protection under international law. The fact that a group continues to be vulnerable to widespread, systematic persecution in some parts of the world simply cannot shield one who commits a crime against humanity from liability.’”
  • “Judge: Foreigners can sue U.S. pastor over sermons – Lets Uganda ‘gays’ claim of ‘crime against humanity’ proceed against Bible preaching” (WND, August 15, 2013)

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