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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The OXCART Family and Pop Culture: FOLLOW-UP

S&CI published, “The OXCART Family and Pop Culture” on June 23, discussing the OXCART family of stealth aircraft (including the SR-71 Blackbird) and its portrayal in pop culture.

Breaking Defense published, “Snowden Damage Still Being Assessed; ‘Deepest Of Deep Secrets’ At Risk, Says STRATCOM’s Kehler,” on July 24 and noted the following:
In other news, Kehler said he “personally” believes the US needs to replace the SR-71 Blackbird — a system capable of penetrating hostile airspace and performing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) — with something. He hinted that replacement might be associated with the Long Range Bomber program (also known as Long Range Strike). But the basic problem is “we can’t yet make final decisions” because of the current budget mess. Now that’s something that must have the Chinese smiling: America can’t afford to build a system needed for anti-access/area denial operations.

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