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Saturday, July 6, 2013

U.S. Unable to Force Taliban to Negotiate; Unable to Stop Taliban Attacks

Breitbart published, “State Dept Confirms Taliban Concessions Within Hours of Fatal Attack on U.S. Troops,” on June 19.

The Long War Journal reported on June 25 that the Taliban had conducted attacks against the Afghani presidential palace and the CIA headquarters in Kabul.

And on June 28, CNSNews reported the following:
Map Courtesy of The World Factbook
On a visit to India, U.S. special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan James Dobbins, who is slated to head up the U.S. side if talks with the Taliban take place, reiterated the administration’s long-stated stance that any agreement will require the Taliban ending violence, respecting the Afghan constitution and cutting ties with al-Qaeda.
But, asked by journalists in New Delhi about ongoing Taliban attacks, Dobbins said he did not expect a ceasefire before talks get underway.
“Frankly, I anticipate that Taliban will continue to try to negotiate from a position of strength,” Dobbins said.
“The Taliban will want to continue to put pressure on, to make it look like the United States is leaving as a result of that pressure rather than a result of its success.”

Indeed, on July 5, in addition to reporting on an attack on Afghani police, The Long War Journal noted the following:
Taliban officials have said that suicide attacks, such as the one that targeted the presidential palace in Kabul on June 25, would continue despite the opening of the political office in Qatar. The Taliban have refused to eschew suicide bombing, a tactic they adopted from al Qaeda.
And it is likely that the Taliban are not even interested in negotiating at the point. On July 3 The Associated Press reported that:
The Taliban won’t join talks with the United States and Afghanistan because of a dispute over the name of its representative office in Qatar, a senior U.S. official said Wednesday.
This shows that the United States has lost the war in Afghanistan.

The U.S. begs the Taliban to negotiate with it even as it is unable to force it to do so and even as it is unable to stop the Taliban from attacking.

Expect more concessions from the United States in the future. And expect the Taliban and other Islamic terrorists to continue attacking and killing Afghanis and U.S. troops.

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