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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Those Invading and Taking Over the U.S. Think They Have a Right to Do So

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I mentioned the following in, “If the PRISM Leaker Is a Hero, Then We Are in a Civil War: PART I:”
And since we are using words such as “treason,” “unconstitutional,” “tyranny,” and “revolution” with regards to PRISM, let us also use such blunts words for everything else.
In truth, the term “illegal alien” does not accurately describe those who have illicitly entered the nation. “Illegal aliens” must now be called what they truly are: invaders and occupiers of the U.S., largely from Mexico. Thus, Mexico is waging a war on the U.S. And so “illegal aliens” should now be identified as an “enemy invading force.”
And with this established, the public needs to answer why it is outraged over PRISM—a program of which it doesn’t know the full details and which may or may not have violated rights—while at the same time it is not expressing an equivalent amount outrage over the invasion, occupation, and takeover of the U.S. by an enemy invading force which is doing so in the open before everyone’s eyes and with the complete approval and assistance of the government, our officials, talking heads, and nearly every other public figure—all in direct violation of the Constitution which is supposed to protect me from having my nation surrendered to an enemy.
The above video comes out of Kansas and shows how the invaders believe that they truly are above the law.

See also, “Police investigate immigration protest at Kris Kobach’s home”

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