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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Information and Deception Operations of the Mass Media

Part of what I covered when I interviewed Bosch Fawstin a few weeks back was how the media will manipulate information in order to advance its agenda. I wrote:
The Daily Show had him as a guest. Watch the video of his appearance and then read his explanation of why he agreed to be on the show. And be sure to pay attention to some of the underhandedness he encountered.
If you didn’t read Bosch’s full explanation, go to his website and do so. It is worth it.

And with that said, here is another example of just how dishonest the media is.

Gene Chase and I attended the same church a long time ago.

Years later, he was one of my professors when I attended Messiah College.

He has recently been helping to develop a mathematics program in Iraq at Medes American University.

Chase also runs a program called, Free!. Free! is a Christian organization. Per its website:
Free! provides lay consultation for those who wish to stop their same-sex attractions; and for parents, spouses, or other loved ones of those with same-sex attractions.

The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, PA recently published, “Exodus to shut down but Harrisburg ministry will keep trying to cure gay people,” in which they included comments from Chase.

However, The Patriot-News operative (Ivy DeJesus) who contacted Chase for his comments manipulated Chase’s words for her own purposes.

Chase caught that manipulation.

I did a screen grab of the comments section where Chase called her out on this. As you can see, his watchdog efforts largely worked.

Apart from being incredibly dishonest and unprofessional, this wasn’t just potentially damaging to Chase. It was (and probably still is even with the correction) potentially damaging to the people with whom he works.

I contacted him about this. And although he is swamped with requests from media for comments on the closing of Exodus International, he was kind enough to send me his responses to certain questions that people have been asking him. I reprint them below verbatim with only minor grammatical corrections:
How can Exodus be shutting down but not Free!, which is a chapter of Exodus?
Free! is not a “chapter” of Exodus. Exodus is a referral agency. Its job is to refer folks to Christian ministries, whether churches, counselors, or stand-alone ministries like Day Seven in Lancaster. Free! is a ministry of West Shore Evangelical Free Church.
My reaction to Exodus apologizing to LGBTQ
There is one problem with an organization being a referral agency. It is hard to control what is taught in the affiliates. Free! in particular never used the intrusive techniques of which ex-gay ministries are typically accused. In the past, Exodus has dropped agencies that have used such techniques, like International Healing Foundation in Maryland. Exodus realized that it couldn’t control those agencies.
My reaction to Exodus shutting down
More particularly, Exodus realized that [it] shouldn’t control those agencies. That control should be in the hands of the local church, or the board of the stand-alone ministry, or the professional counselor’s professional organization.
The dishonesty and eagerness of the mass media to outright lie is something anyone dealing with them should consider.

Keeping a record of what you say to the media is a good idea. Chase gave his comments to DeJesus by email as a precautionary measure.

That measure paid off and provides a perfect case study of who the media are and how to deal with them.

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