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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Superman and Worldview

Just like when Superman Returns came out in 2006, Man of Steel has brought about various comparisons between Superman and Jesus or Superman and Moses.

RealClearReligion published, “The Superman We Need” by Nicholas G. Hahn III. Hahn writes:
Smallville’s Savior is there in his timeless splendor, but this time Snyder reveals him as made in the image of an all-too-familiar Savior moviegoers should be able to spot -- even without their 3-D glasses. The glasses come in handy for riveting action-packed battles and soaring red-caped flights. It’s Man of Steel’s theology that packs the true punch.
Sometimes people see in things what they want. And I think that’s likely the case with Man of Steel when considering some of the latest musings from Man of Steel director Zach Snyder.

Still, it’s worth reading Hahn’s piece.

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