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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Slavery on U.S. Soil

Breitbart published, “African Diplomat Used Slave on U.S. Soil for Years,” in response to a story on a Tanzanian diplomat.
The diplomat had reportedly been operating at high levels of government. Alan Mzengi was found to be liable for a $1 million civil judgement for forcing a young woman to live and work against her will as a domestic servant on U.S. soil. The judgement came in 2008 after the woman escaped from four years of slavery. She had been kept against her will by the diplomat and forced to be a domestic servant for no pay. . . .
The government of Tanzania largely ignored the issue and refused to pay the damages demanded by the U.S. civil court. The country changed its policy when Washington Post’s Dana Milbank began writing on the matter and critiquing an upcoming visit by Barack Obama to Tanzania over the issue.
Allegations of foreign diplomats using slaves as house servants on U.S. soil have also surfaced against Saudi Arabia.
Expect this story to go away quickly or remain within the lower levels of U.S. media reporting and debating.

African enslavement of other Africans remains somewhat common, and while it does receive media attention along with calls to stop it, it is a politically incorrect story and is difficult to use for agitation and propaganda purposes.

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