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Sunday, June 30, 2013

FLASHBACK: Susan G. Komen-ing

Breitbart just published: “The Leftist Takeover of the Komen Foundation Is complete”.

I published, “Susan G. Komen-ing the Boy Scouts,” in January of this year.

In it I wrote:
Donations to both the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Charity and Planned Parenthood reportedly increased in an approximately 72-hour period last year after Komen announced that it intended to reduce funding of Planned Parenthood. That announcement was quickly rescinded because the left quickly denounced Komen for considering reducing the amount of money it would give to Big Abortion (even as the planned decision had nothing to do with abortion).
And while many people have covered just how ugly this leftist attack was, no one noticed a critical part of this important leftist victory: they succeeded in getting conservatives to fund their cause.
While it is likely impossible to say for sure who was responsible for the reported increase in donations to Komen during the approximately 72 hours last year, it is reasonable to assume that conservatives would have been largely responsible for it.
And if that was indeed the case, the end result of the fiasco was that not only did the left haul Komen back to Big Abortion, but it gained access to all the money that conservatives had donated to Komen during that brief time.
In other words, by Komen momentarily appearing to have changed to a position that was seemingly suitable to conservatives, the left was able to get conservatives to fund one of its own groups.
The left will use this tactic (or a variation of it) successfully in the future. The Boy Scouts of America might be the next notable victim of a variation on this tactic.
Perhaps others will also realize the significance of the leftist takeover of Susan G. Komen. And perhaps others will begin to realize how leftists use conservatives to fund and strengthen their organizations that will eventually be used to destroy conservatives.

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