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Monday, June 17, 2013

Do Not Be Distracted from Benghazi

I have come to know John Bernard by email over the past few years.

He is a Marine and provides excellent insight and analysis at his, Let Them Fight or Bring Them Home website.

He just published, “Benghazi, Agency Scandals and Syria; The Most Perverted Shell Game Yet.” on June 14.

The post, as you can see by the title, centers on Benghazi, but what he says about NSA and PRISM is important as well.

I am going to excerpt a portion of it; click on over to his website to read the rest of it.

But before I do that, I want to note something that a friend of mine, currently serving with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, just said to me in an email.

This Soldier saw the news that the U.S. will now be supplying arms to the Syrian terrorists fighting Assad. He wrote to me, “I’m confused. Am I not currently fighting a war with al-Qaeda as the declared enemy? Is not supplying them with weapons tantamount to open treason?”

Remember that the next time someone insists that PRISM is “treasonous” or “tyranny,” and as he insists that he knows exactly what PRISM is even as none of us yet do.

If PRISM is “treasonous” or “tyranny,” then supplying al-Qaeda terrorists with weapons and support must certainly be. And yet, even as it is being done in the open, it seems as if even people who disagree with it are merely treating it as a policy disagreement. How strange.

Like I said before, I am more than happy to let others set standards, but standards must be applied evenly and logically.

With that said, here is part of what Mr. Bernard writes in, “Benghazi, Agency Scandals and Syria; The Most Perverted Shell Game Yet.” (all emphasis mine):
The NSA digital surveillance program really isn’t news except to those who haven’t been concerned about it since the last time it was discussed some 6 or 7 years ago. The fact is, that program really hasn’t changed, it just happened to come to light again but this time in the midst of a list of other abuses of authority and power, levied during this seemingly teflon coated administration’s second term.
There is no doubt that all of these things give reason for concern. It does however remain to be seen which, if any, of these things will be deemed to be truly illegal or unconstitutional if not arrogantly applied.
The real problem is, these things, while troubling have served a much darker purpose and it appears that purpose is now all but accomplished; Weapons to the Syrian Rebels.
It seems just a little too convenient that all of these “scandals” should appear on the scene right in the middle of Congressional hearings to determine exactly what happened in Benghazi. And being as Congress has yet to learn how to multi-task, they have been oh so easily side-tracked from that most important investigation to these sideshows. What this has managed to do is take the spotlight from Benghazi and away from any suggestion of Administration guilt in order to focus on what may be determined to be not much more than poor judgment in some cases and horrible supervision in others. . . . 
For as we speak, there is every indication that this nation is poised to supply arms and munitions to the rebels in Syria, in spite of the fact they are associated with Al Qaida; in spite of the fact they have committed attrocities with religious zeal; in spite of the fact they are almost certainly responsible for the murder and disposition of the Christians in Homs and in spite of the fact the rebels are fundamentalists and doctrinally, no different than the sitting government.
The point being, there are no good guys, once again, in this fight. For once the smoke clears, whoever lands on top will hold within their hearts the very same animosity toward the US, the West and Israel, that the vanquished holds. Once again, President Obama has proven he either doesn’t understand the fundamental influence of this religion on its followers or worse, he does and is acting to support them anyway. And what makes it even worse is that nearly every single sitting member in both chambers of Congress, are acting or, not acting, out of the same ignorance.
What these latest scandals have done, is to keep Congress, the Media and most of the Public focused on lesser things while allowing a true travesty, the debacle in Benghazi fall from view.
If Benghazi falls so far out of view that Congress and the people lose their desire to find out what truly happened, it will do nothing less than vindicate this sitting President’s policies and his vision of Islam and neither of these will be good for our War Fighters.
As it seems almost certain that this country is poised to deliver weapons to a known enemy of the United States, it is also then highly likely that American troops will be asked to once again shed their blood on another sand swept, Islamic landscape working within the failed paradigm of Counter Insurgency doctrine and within the parameters of an ROE that continues to take American War Fighters lives.
Read the rest of,  “Benghazi, Agency Scandals and Syria; The Most Perverted Shell Game Yet.” at Let Them Fight or Bring Them Home.

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