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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Conservative Capitulation: John Wayne

Whenever I want to get a visual on just how badly conservatives have capitulated to the left in the culture war, I can always go back and watch old movies.

It’s not uncommon to hear conservatives complain about how they don’t make movies like they used to make them. And it’s not uncommon to hear conservatives say that John Wayne is among their favorite actors—that he was a real man and gentleman, and that they wish men would be more like him.

But if you actually watch the Duke’s movies you’ll see just how badly brainwashed modern conservatives are because they would utterly boo him and declare him a “misogynist” along with the left if he were alive today and making the exact same films he made.

I’m not disparaging Wayne. In fact, I like him as an actor. My point is that conservatives have so embraced the thinking of the left that they are essentially leftists too. They use the same words that leftists do, share the same values, and hold the same beliefs. Yet they don’t even realize it.

Another John Wayne doesn’t exist today because no one—on the left or right—would allow it.

Here are two examples of how conservatives of today would join the left in utterly booing and demonizing Wayne if he were alive today and making the same films.

The first is a clip from Donovan’s Reef. Imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth you would hear from conservatives if Wayne did this today.

And this is a clip from McLintock!. Not only does Wayne spank another woman, the woman he spanks is a raging “feminist” who finally gets what she deserves.

Like I said, old movies are a great visual when one needs to see just how badly conservatives have surrendered in the culture war.

And if these clips didn’t convince you, here are two more things to think about: Fifty Shades of Grey and The Vagina Monologues (which features a “good rape” by a lesbian) are accepted in our culture and praised by feminists.


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