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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

EDITORIAL CARTOON & COMMENTARY: The First Pregnant Male, Would-be Mass Murderer

© Paul Hair, 2013

Some media outlets have reported on Floyd Lee Corkins II and how his failed attack on the Family Research Council (FRC) was connected to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC, of course, has labeled the FRC a “hate group” for its pro-morality positions.

However, no media outlet has noted something else: Floyd Lee Corkins II is the First Pregnant Male, Would-be Mass Murderer.

And this silence is strange since the media always rushes to identify and celebrate this or that pregnant man, or a woman who actually is a man, or vice versa—or, increasingly, when it’s children who are legally mutilated. (Side note: Why am I supposed to be angry over female genital mutilation when America celebrates castrating and mutilating children—when America celebrates breaking the law to castrate and mutilate children?)

Perhaps my favorite stories involving the redefining and demonizing of reality involve “gay men trapped in women’s bodies.”

And of these perhaps the most interesting is the “gay man” who wasn’t “gay” enough.

This story is funny because society constantly tells us that we must accept that men who want to be women are women and women who want to be men are men. Those of us who refuse to bow to this particular god are deemed “homophobic” and “bigots” who are contributing to the depression and suicides of those who want to redefine their own reality.

Yet nothing negative was ever said about the “gay man” who broke up with his “gay man” partner after she became pregnant and gave birth. Apparently becoming pregnant and giving birth wasn’t manly enough.

Why wasn’t the real man deemed “homophobic” and a “bigot” for refusing to accept that the woman was a man? You know, like I would be for pointing out the obvious.

Probably for the same reason that it’s Republicans and conservatives who are deemed to be waging a war on women even as it is the Democrats and left who actually wage a war on women and are praised for it. Such as when male Fallon Fox is praised for beating up women and those who call him on it are righteously disparaged and dispatched from polite society.

Corkins as a pregnant male is a joke, of course. But the delusion is real and so are the ramifications.

The culture wars are over. Republicans and conservatives have lost. Sure, there will be a few more skirmishes and people will go through the motions of fighting, but the war is, for all intents and purposes, over and the Democrats and left have won.

And this final win for the left means that we have only begun to see a small part of the changes in store for society. So even as the right gladly surrenders more ground with each new assault on reality, hoping that it will be the last surrender it has to make so that society can concentrate on “important” issues (such as the economy), the left has no intention of moving on. The left is so deeply obsessed with the so-called social issues (contrary to popular belief) that it is now waging its latest battle on pronouns (see Philadelphia, Washington state, Philadelphia again, California, the federal government, and across the globe).

Furthermore, in its naïve hope that the latest assault on reality will be the last, the right fails to ask itself an important question. Why would a society that accepts that a man is a woman care about the economy? (Or put another way, why wouldn’t a society that accepts that a man is a woman also accept that we can spend our way to prosperity?)

This redefinition of reality has reached the U.S. armed forces too, of course. The leader of OutServe-SLDN (the group formed when OutServe and Servicemembers’ Legal Defense Network combined after they helped repeal DADT) is headed by Allyson Robinson, a man pretending to be a woman.

Not only is OutServe-SLDN now rewriting history by helping to change the less-than-honorable discharges to honorable for those who broke the law when DADT was in effect, but it also is helping to bring troops back into the armed forces who broke the law when DADT was in effect.

So if you’re in the armed forces, and you’re facing an involuntary separation board simply because the American People want to downsize the armed forces, don’t be too depressed. After all, while you may soon be out of a job for following the law, those who broke the law to get their own way are being rewarded (again) by being allowed to rejoin.

Of course, you probably already knew this. Because even as some troops face punishment for hating their enemy, and even as other troops are in jail for destroying the enemy, the United States of America apparently gives “under honorable conditions” discharges to deserters when they are men pretending to be women.

I look forward to the day when we all can celebrate the first pregnant male servicemember.

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