Thursday, August 25, 2016

Do More for Your Conquering Invaders, You Bigots

It isn’t enough that you peacefully watch as your leaders conquer you with alien invaders, you bigots. You should be helping them do so. And one way you’re failing to help is by not giving into every one of your conquerors’ education demands.

Fox News recently reported on how alien invaders in southcentral Pennsylvania are suing the School District of Lancaster for not giving them everything they want.

Local media have covered this as well.

PennLive has run multiple press releases for the invaders, including one last week. That press release reveals who is assisting the aliens and just how arrogant all involved are. . . .

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Monday, August 15, 2016

BRAND NEW STORY: ‘The Life and Death of Deadlier N. U.’

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Obama Manipulated Intelligence on ISIS

Barack Obama’s regime manipulated intelligence in order to make it sound like Obama’s war against the Islamic Caliphate (ISIS) was succeeding even as it was failing. Yet the media and political class are describing this manipulation as the fault of the Department of Defense—of Central Command (CENTCOM).

This refusal to blame Obama for lying about intelligence is particularly noteworthy when compared to how the media and political class continue lying about George W. Bush having manipulated intelligence about weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq.

Friday, August 12, 2016

So Who Are the Armed Americans in Libya?

U.S. special operations forces are operating in Libya according to an Aug. 9 Washington Post article. But the article also mentioned that other U.S. and British troops are operating in the nation without explaining who they are.

The Washington Post reported that American and British forces are operating in Sirte, Libya.

Also this week, U.S. and British personnel, carrying radios and wearing black body armor and tan fatigues, were seen in central Sirte, according to officers allied with the Libyan government and Western security personnel in the area. Pentagon officials said they were not part of the U.S. Special Operations force.

So if the American and British personnel in “tan fatigues” were not a part of the U.S. special operations force(s) operating in Libya, who were they?

Media Lied about Bush Creating ISIS

Media are attacking Donald Trump for saying that Barack Obama’s presidency has helped the rise of the Islamic Caliphate (ISIS). And as they call Trump all sorts of names and ramp up their accusations that he is “unfit” for the presidency, it is a good time to recall that less than a year ago the media were lying about George W. Bush creating ISIS.

Der Spiegel interviewed retired Army general and former Defense Intelligence Agency director Michael Flynn in November 2015. Based on that interview, media ran with headlines claiming that Bush created ISIS.

Do a web search of “Bush Created ISIS” and see all the headlines. A few examples are, “Former U.S. Military Official Says George W. Bush Created ISIS,” from Newsweek and, “U.S. Special Forces Commander: George W. Bush Responsible for ISIS,” from the Inquisitr.

So what were the media referencing in the Der Spiegel interview that had them running with that narrative? It was Flynn’s answer to a question about the U.S. invading Iraq.

Flynn: It was huge error. As brutal as Saddam Hussein was, it was a mistake to just eliminate him. The same is true for Moammar Gadhafi and for Libya, which is now a failed state. The historic lesson is that it was a strategic failure to go into Iraq. History will not be and should not be kind with that decision.

Flynn said nothing about Bush creating ISIS. But the media lied and said he did.

And that wasn’t the only time the media pushed this lie. In May of 2015 the Guardian reported on, “Student who told Jeb Bush ‘Your brother created Isis’ speaks out about incident.” Other media outlets jumped on this event and ran with headlines such as, “For The Record, Yes, George W. Bush Did Help Create ISIS,” (Huffington Post) and, “Did George W. Bush Create ISIS?” (New Yorker).

So ignore the media as they hyperventilate over Trump saying that Obama bears some responsibility for ISIS gaining power. They have lied repeatedly about Bush bearing full responsibility for it.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Why Aren’t Politicians Condemning Satanists?

Satanists are becoming bolder in the U.S. Yet politicians are silent on the matter and government officials are refusing to ratchet up pressure on them. Why is this? After all, politicians and the government go after white supremacists all the time.

The Washington Times reported on Aug. 1 that Satanists will be starting “After School Satan Clubs.” There is no public outcry over this. Politicians and government officials are not applying pressure to the Satanic Temple and its leaders.

You might think there is nothing to do because this is a free speech issue. But you’d be wrong.

Read the following links about how the government and public officials respond every time there is any inkling that a white supremacist is active in any area of the country. And then ask yourself, why don’t politicians and the government respond the same way to Satanists?

** April 29, 2014 – Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey (Press Release) – Casey Calls on DOJ to Send Community Relations Service to Camp Hill – DOJ Sent Community Relations Team to Fairview Township Following Establishment of KKK Neighborhood Watch There / Community Relations Service Helps Communities Deal with Tensions Arising from Race, National Origin

** April 29, 2014 – The Sentinel (Carlisle, Pa.) – Our View: KKK a harsh reminder of racism

** April 29, 2014 – PennLive (Harrisburg, Pa.) – Casey wants justice department to respond to Camp Hill KKK overture

** September 3, 2015 – Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey (Press Release) – Casey Urges Department of Justice to Monitor Situation Closely

‘The Great Wall’ Isn’t ‘Whitewashing’—It’s China Making a Power Play

Constance Wu recently went on a racist tirade against white men by attacking the Chinese-made movie, The Great Wall, for having Matt Damon as one of its stars. The actress’s rant isn’t just morally despicable; it’s entirely wrong. The Great Wall has nothing to do with so-called whitewashing but instead is China making a play to become the most powerful moviemaking country in the world.

Wu posted her racist outburst to Twitter and media outlets reported on it.

Wu essentially accusing the Chinese makers of The Great Wall of “whitewashing” makes no sense and people have noted this (HT: @davedauthor).