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Friday, January 13, 2017

Suicide Is a Right Unless Progressives Can Weaponize It

Security and Culture Intelligencer
Autotheists are advancing their agenda by both legalizing and normalizing euthanasia across the globe. And as they seek to make even “involuntary euthanasia” legal and normalized, they increasingly advocate that suicide should even be a “right” for perfectly healthy people. The only time they waver from promoting this unspeakable evil is when they can weaponize it against Christians who oppose another of their sacred agenda items: sodomy.

It’s become common to find news on the promotion of euthanasia and how it is being extended from “a compassionate choice for the terminally ill” to every other reason and person you can imagine.

“Suicide Is a Right” is the new narrative…except for when autotheists can weaponize it against Christians.

And this is why you will always see stories declaring that opposing sodomy (particularly the darling of Big Sodomy—“transgenderism”) causes suicide in sodomites, and that in such instances suicide is a bad thing.

Watch for this narrative to continue and grow in the future.

Government Will Take Your Child if You Don’t Sexually Mutilate Him

Security and Culture Intelligencer
Autotheists and other anti-Christian fanatics have now so advanced their agenda of legalizing the sexual abuse of children that the day when the government will forcibly take your children from you if you don’t sexually mutilate them is within our line of sight.

On Oct. 28, 2016 The Daily Mail reported that the U.K. government is threatening the parental rights of a couple because they oppose their 14-year-old daughter attempting to become a “boy.”

And on Nov. 18, 2016, OneNewsNow reported that a mother is fighting government authority in Minnesota, which wants to give her son a “sex change.”

The mother, Anmarie Calgaro, filed suit to stop the government from interfering after her son, 17, decided to undergo medical treatment to be a girl. 
A newspaper story said the mother is not opposed to the sex-change operation but wants the teen to “slow down” the process.

These are the latest signs that the day is coming when the government will deem that parents are abusing their children because they refuse to sexually abuse and mutilate them. And that will then give the state the excuse it needs to take children from such parents.

Berating Kids for Hunting but Not for Identifying as ‘Transgender’

Security and Culture Intelligencer
One of the easiest ways to realize how America has changed for the worse is to consider how even the most conservative of leaders now tiptoe around the subject of so-called transgender children even as society thinks nothing of berating children for hunting, or for playing with toy and imaginary guns.

The College Fix published, “Parent: Teacher shamed 9-year-old daughter for shirt commemorating first deer kill,” on Jan. 7. This is the latest story of an adult tearing into a child for something which we used to universally recognize as innocuous or even positive. Other instances of adults ripping into children for playing with toy guys (or imaginary ones), and doing other normal stuff that children do now regularly make the headlines.

Meanwhile, I see more and more conservative and professing Christian leaders insisting that society must treat individuals who declare themselves members of the opposite sex with “compassion” and “understanding” lest we drive them into depression or suicide. This exhortation extends to children whose obviously insane parents have convinced them to say they are the opposite sex.

Leaders have conditioned society to accept the terrorization of kids for doing normal things while simultaneously conditioning even the staunchest of opponents to the sexual mutilation and abuse of children to be “nuanced” in their opposition to this evilest of evils.

Nothing good will come of this.

U.S. Army Conducts Airborne Insertion Training Right Next to Russia [VIDEO]

173rd Soldiers in Latvia. Photo by Sgt. Lauren Harrah.
Soldiers from the Army Contingency Response Force in Europe, based in Vicenza, Italy, conducted airborne insertion training in Latvia as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve according to a U.S. Army video released on Jan. 11. This training by the Army rapid response force for Europe on the borders of Russia shows how quickly tensions between the U.S. and Russia are escalating during the final days of President Obama’s final term.

The caption for the video from the 24th Press Camp Headquarters noted that “[p]aratroopers assigned to 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade” took part in the training, and that the 173rd Airborne Brigade “is the Army Contingency Response Force in Europe, and is capable of projecting forces to conduct a full range of military operations across the United States European, Central and Africa Command areas of responsibility within 18 hours.”

The Obama regime’s decision to conduct this training in one of the Baltic states is very significant. Army Contingency Response Force units are designed to act as rapid response forces in emergency situations—including combat operations situations. With the Baltic states always being leery of Russian intentions towards them, and with the continued anger between the U.S. and Russia over the 2016 presidential election, this training right next to Russia surely sends a hostile signal to the Russian government.

President-elect Donald Trump will inherit ever-growing tensions between the two nations when he takes office in the next few days.

Elites Increasingly Calling the Constitution ‘Unconstitutional’

Security and Culture Intelligencer
Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential race outraged members of the ruling class. And as part of their rage they are increasingly calling the U.S. Constitution “unconstitutional.”

The Huffington Post published, “Is The Electoral College System For Choosing Our President Unconstitutional?” on Nov. 18, 2016. Leon Friedman authored it, and his bio identifies him as a law professor at Hofstra Law School.

The Los Angeles Daily News published, “Why the Electoral College system violates the Constitution,” on Dec. 14, 2016.

And The Los Angeles Times published, “Op-Ed The electoral college has always been the wrong way to choose a president,” by Kenneth Jost on Dec. 16, 2016. Jost’s op-ed includes the line, “The electoral college is enshrined in the Constitution, but that doesn’t necessarily make it constitutional.”

Expect such irrational outrage to continue and grow for the foreseeable future.

Did GOP & Dems. Work with Foreigners to Conduct Influence Ops against Trump?

Security and Culture Intelligencer
Did both Republicans and Democrats work with foreigners to conduct influence operations against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election? Media accounts suggest they did. These accounts should be (but aren’t) at the top of the news cycle.

Director of National Intelligence Clapper issued a statement on Jan. 11 saying the intelligence community is not leaking information against Trump and (as far as he knows) the IC has nothing to do with the report of Trump impropriety that has been flying around the media.

The report of Trump impropriety is a sordid, rumor-filled document that the media, Republicans, and Democrats have all been hoping to be true for months now. But what is more noteworthy is that Republicans and Democrats may have been involved with working with a foreign, former intelligence officer to prepare this apparent piece of disinformation.

Reuters reported on Jan. 12 that a former British intelligence officer was the main author of the report against Trump. Republicans supposedly originally commissioned the report as opposition research during the 2016 presidential primaries. Once Trump won the GOP primary, the Democrats sponsored the report.

Christopher Steele, who wrote reports on compromising material Russian operatives allegedly had collected on U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, is a former officer in Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, according to people familiar with his career. . . .
Steele was initially hired by FusionGPS, a Washington-based political research firm, to investigate Trump on behalf of unidentified Republicans who wanted to stop Trump’s bid for the party’s nomination. The BBC said on Wednesday, “He (Steele) was compiling this report on behalf of initially Trump’s opponent Jeb Bush,” referring to one of Trump’s 16 opponents in the 2016 Republican primary.
The BBC subsequently said on Thursday that its correspondent misspoke. . . .
Steele was kept on assignment by FusionGPS after Trump won the nomination and his information was circulated to Democratic Party figures and members of the media.

As is with everything else surrounding this opposition research story, the background on it (including who did what) is hazy at best, so it’s possible that Republicans and Democrats did not work with a foreign, former intelligence officer to conduct influence operations against Trump in this particular case.

But a Jan. 11 article in Politico (“Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire – Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton.”) appears to have more solid information on the Democratic Party working with Ukrainians to conduct influence operations against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton during the election.

U.S. Marine Reservists Train at Exercise Nordic Frost 2017 [VIDEO]


Marines with 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, participate in weapons training at Camp Ethan Allen in Jericho, Vt., Jan. 7, 2017 as part of their two-week annual training.